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Advanced Myofascial, Psoas, Sciatic Nerve and Pelvic Release

Jelle Schaegen Bodywork has more than thirty years of experience in working with neck, back, shoulder and hip related problems using advanced myofascial release massage techniques. This website will give you an idea about how we work and explain the terms we use and details about our practice.


To help you understand what we do, we have chosen to refer to articles written by professional bodyworkers. However that does not mean that we ourselves have little to tell or to teach. On the contrary, we will be happy to share valuable information with you when you visit us. If you would like to expand your understanding about the terms we use, may we suggest you have a look here – you will find a lot of relevant information available on this subject.

What is bodywork?

Bodywork is the term that is used to describe many different techniques that are used to provide healing and relaxation through physical manipulation. This manipulation of the body can be achieved in many ways depending on what type of therapy is being used. Some forms of bodywork involve manipulation of posture, exercise, energy rebalancing, and more.


The term applies to many different types of therapies and treatments, including the following and much more: Chiropractic, Rolfing, Postural Integration, Rebalancing, Craniosacral Therapy, Bioenergetics, Neo-Reichian Therapy, Alexander technique, Reiki, Myotherapy, Massage.

What does bodywork consist of?

There are three categories of techniques that are used in bodywork. While some forms of bodywork will utilize more than one of these, to be considered bodywork, it must consist of at least one: Massage, Energy Balancing, Movement Awareness and Structural Realignment.


Most bodywork techniques are based on a holistic view of health and believe that it is just as important to treat the mind as it is the body.


There is also a necessity to provide relevant information about the literal or experiential meaning of what physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well being is.

Who can benefit from Bodywork therapy?

Many people from all walks of life, both young and old, can benefit from bodywork therapy. The most important thing is to inform your practitioner of any medical conditions you may have, as well as to ask your physician if there is any reason you shouldn’t receive a specific bodywork therapy treatment.


Bodywork therapy can help in many ways, physically, emotionally and mentally. Research the many different forms of bodywork to determine which one is best for you.


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Myofascial Release

Jelle Schaegen offers the most effective myofascial release and other techniques that can reduce pain in the body, including knee, pelvic and back pain.


What is called myofascial release today factually found its origen in much earlier existing psychotherapeutic and somato-therapeutic displines about which you can read about more here.

Jelle Schaegen's Unique Myofascial Release Techniques

Because of getting more and more dissatisfied with the results of how therapists were using all kind of manual techniques trying to heal musculoskeletal problems, Jelle just neccesarily had to go out on his own to find a better way. It took him many years to figure out how to be able do that in the most efficient way possible but in the end though he succeeded.


After honing his way of working trying many possibilties again and again, Jelle Schaegen can offer you now the most effective and unsurpassable myofascial release technique there is. By the way, before completely surrendering himself to a more strictly therapeutic way of working he has given several thousands of strong full body massages to both men and women, young and old.


By means of his myofascial release and other techniques he, more often than not, knows how to relieve or considerably reduce pains wherever in your body. Think of migraines, whiplashes, frozen shoulders, pain in your elbows, wrists and hands. TMJ disorders, gastrointestinal problems; different kinds of back pain, knee pain, problems with your feet or ankles, sacroiliac imbalances and even the pain that pelvic disorders like the male prostate or female reproductive organs can create.


For more details about our practice or to book a session, please contact us here.

Recent Testimonials

Don't take my word for it. See what others say!

Thanks so much for all you did during those 2 massages, its really brought my awareness to the amount of old family anger Im still carrying. Now I can see and feel it I am trying to break the pattern. I am staying with my very old Mum and I am determined not to end up like her with a lot of anger resulting in constant pain; this goes back through the female ancestry as far as I can tell. Anyway, your description of fascia being steel or liquid is very helpful. Hope you are having a busy time, you are such a good healer.

Mrs. S. J., July 7 2018

Somerset, United kingdom

I am so grateful to the friend who recommended Jelle to me. It is very rare to find someone with his level of expertise and experience. His work is very deep and can be quite a challenge at times! It is not perhaps for the faint of heart. Jelle creates a very safe and comfortable space that allowed me and my body to relax into the work and I have experienced some profound shifts. Specifically I was in a lot of pain across my shoulders and neck which was relieved after my first few sessions. Also I had been experiencing a weakened grip in both hands over the last few years. After 5 sessions with Jelle my grip is almost back to normal. Moreover the effects have been lasting. He is a master at what he does and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Mrs. F. B., April 1 2019

Somerset, United Kingdom

I first met Jelle in March 2016 while on holiday in Spain. He changed my understanding of how one’s body works especially with the mind body connection. When Jelle is in Glastonbury or London I make sure to see him for a few sessions. I wish he lived in the UK so I could see him more than a couple of times a year. After a session with Jelle my body feels so free and light. If any part of your body has any niggles, Jelle can most likely sort you out. My sister came from abroad with 2 fingers she could not bend properly and after 2 sessions she was back to normal. No matter what ails you, it is worth considering Jelle for a session. I cannot say enough about Jelle and his magic fingers and brilliant mind.

Mrs. D., April 11 2019

London, United Kingdom

Jelle works on a very deep level and is able to go to the root cause of the problem. In my case: I had a pretty severe problem with my left shoulder. It was extremely challenging and painful to use my arm. After two treatments from Jelle I was able to move my shoulder and arm again. Thank you Jelle!!!

Toon Roijers, April 9 2019

Port D’Andratx, Mallorca

If you are having pain wherever in your body, Jelle is the guy to go to! He is the best Myofascial Release Therapist imaginable. He’s professional, considerate, inspiring and down-to-earth. As no other he truly knows how to release you from the agony of any discomfort you may suffer from. I do recommend him wholeheartedly! Click for webpage

Mariëlle Jansen, April 17 2019

Zutphen, The Netherlands

Jelle is one of those people who has a genuine gift, an ability to really feel and understand the body. His work is deep and he’s able to release stress and deeply held trauma in a way I’ve never encountered before. My body has more energy and vitality after a session with Jelle. He gives me more body confidence and flexibility. His work helps me with my IBS and I run further and faster after a session (but not straight away!). I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending him. Click for website

David Taylor, February 28 2019

Somerset, UK