These are a few of the testimonials for Jelle Schaegen’s advanced myofasical body work based on over 30 years of experience and expertise.

It’s the fifth of May 2022, freedom day in The Netherlands, great day, great feeling, FREEDOM. And now I come to Jelle his masterwork, it is the same as this day, FREEDOM. I am a Golfprofessional and what Jelle does in about 3 sessions every year is amazing, I feel better, I am way more

Mauk de Booij Founder en Golfprofessional The Dutch & Made in Scotland

Jelle has a very good way of massaging. In contrast to other massages I’ve had, he massages very deep and for a long time. Maybe, it is better to describe it as a special deep tissue manipulation technique. It will loosen the tissues much better up and already after the first session I got rid

Tatia Englebert, April 2022, Broek in Water land, The Netherlands

I came across Jelle through a post on Facebook. Having spent the previous 5 years trying to find pain relief having undergone 4 hip operations, I thought I have nothing to lose. I was very sceptical at first, having consulted many physiotherapists, visited pain relief professionals and even second opinions from surgeons. I am so

Mrs. Susan Broadhead, Sheffield, UK, 24/01/2021

I had 2 Sessions of treatment from Jelle. The way he works is very deep, he helped me to release old tensions that I had carried in my body for a long time. The treatment is kind of intense, due to the pressure he is applying, but to me it felt like a good intensity

Christian Heeren, from Germany, Mijas Costa, 13/01/2021

When I met Jelle last year my life changed. I had scoliosis, lordosis, two slipped discs L4-L5-S1. A problem with my right hip, problem with my coccyx, so sitting had become unbearable; bursitis on both shoulders that had become rounded. Problem with my neck, very bad migraines and TMJ pain coupled with nerve issues. Sciatica

Jabina M., August 9 2019, United Kingdom

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks again, my back just got better and better and you rescued the last 2 days of my holiday. I have left your card in the house with a note to say “if you’re broken, call this man, he will fix you”. Anyway I just

Mrs. C. M., July 7 2017, Oxfordshire, UK

“Thanks so much for all you did during those 2 massages, its really brought my awareness to the amount of old family anger I’m still carrying. Now I can see and feel it I am trying to break the pattern. I am staying with my very old Mum and I am determined not to end

Mrs. S. J., July 7 2018, Somerset, UK

“Jelle is one of those people who has a genuine gift, an ability to really feel and understand the body. His work is deep and he’s able to release stress and deeply held trauma in a way I’ve never encountered before. My body has more energy and vitality after a session with Jelle. He gives

David Taylor, February 28, Somerset, UK

“Last time I had a treatment with Jelle I had a significant and lasting reduction of the pain/discomfort/tension I had been having in my hip area for months.”

Mrs. R. A., March 13 2019, Somerset, UK

“I am so grateful to the friend who recommended Jelle to me. It is very rare to find someone with his level of expertise and experience. His work is very deep and can be quite a challenge at times! It is not perhaps for the faint of heart. Jelle creates a very safe and comfortable

Mrs. F. B., April 1 2019, Somerset, UK

“Jelle works on a very deep level and is able to go to the root cause of the problem. In my case: I had a pretty severe problem with my left shoulder. It was extremely challenging and painful to use my arm. After two treatments from Jelle I was able to move my shoulder and

Toon Roijers, April 9 2019, Port D’Andratx, Mallorca

“I first met Jelle in March 2016 while on holiday in Spain. He changed my understanding of how one’s body works especially with the mind body connection. When Jelle is in Glastonbury or London I make sure to see him for a few sessions. I wish he lived in the UK so I could see

Mrs. D., April 11 2019, London, UK

“If you are having pain wherever in your body, Jelle is the guy to go to! He is the best Myofascial Release Therapist imaginable. He’s professional, considerate, inspiring and down-to-earth. As no other he truly knows how to release you from the agony of any discomfort you may suffer from. I do recommend him wholeheartedly!”

Mariëlle Jansen, April 17 2019, Zutphen, The Netherlands

“Thanks for all you’re help and hard work. If I was to describe my experience with you. I would have to say it was physically,mentally, emotionally and spiritually freeing. The physical side is that I feel younger and more flexible. Mentally was through our talks and you’re wisdom, emotionally was being able to trust you

Tom Maguire, Medium, Healer, Mentor and Life Coach, August 2015

“As a bodyworker – who had radical massive cancer surgery 15 years ago, I was very pleased to have 8 sessions in close succession form Jelle. The carpal tunnel syndrome I had, diminishing daily, the right shoulder problem (decades!) going… right knee and right foot ‘Plantar fasciitis’ going… in short – a new body. Jelle

L. J. S., United Kingdom, July 21 2015

“I’m most greatful to Jelle Schaegen for the outstanding results I’ve enjoyed since receiving his Bodywork Healing sessions. After months (and even years) of suffering, my body has gradually released most of the tension and pain I’d been suffering for so long and I’m now trully feeling healthy and alive again. I dearly recommend Jelle’s

Angel del Carmen, Master Business and Life Coach

“If you haven’t heard of myofascial release therapy, then you’ve really been missing out! Many of us have suffered from some form of pain or discomfort in the body, whether it be back pain, headaches or constipation, but in the modern worlds we are told to treat the symptoms, rather than the problem itself. Learning

Anya Andreeva, Raw food chef, writer and an artisan chocolatier

“Connective tissue massage; I had never heard of it before but a good friend of mine introduced me to Jelle. It’s really a big surprise: Jelle kneads and stretches the tissues around the core of my muscles and tendons especially where they are attached to the bones.
The treatment itself is not always pleasant;

Marijn te Kolsté, April 2015, Houten, The Netherlands

“Having been told many times that the body is the key and has the answers locked away inside I still tend to favour the mind and its mind games. But on a recent visit to Spain and suffering severe hip pain I encountered Jelle and some doors started to open, I only hope that without

Ann Starkey, April 2015, Divonne les Bain, France

“Thanks to the bodywork of Jelle Schaegen the unconceiveable has happened: he has (or I have through his work) got rid of severe chronic pain in my right ankle and leg, which was years ago diagnosed as arthrosis and could only be battled by strong painkillers. I also had regularly rather sharp pains in my

Jutka Rona, February 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Jelle’s working method is pure manual work with great effect. For me it means essential maintenance to keep my body healthy and fit. Jelle has “golden hands”. With his treatment technique your body will experience what it is like to return to its original form again without stress. As a former top athlete and entrepreneur

Natalie Feijen, August 6 2019, Bussum, The Netherlands

“Jelle is an expert! He knows so much about the body; it’s skeletal structure and the various layers of tissues. He’s very professionally experienced on a technical-physical level but he also understands a great deal about what’s happening within all of us on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. He works sensibly, steadily and thoroughly

Lily, July 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“As a top athlete I regularly have to deal with injuries. But Jelle makes sure that my body will recover at the core so that I delightfully can remain playing at a high level.”

Loïs van Schaik, 6 August 2019, Bussum, The Netherlands

“After decades of various bodywork experiences, from Ayurveda, to Rolfing, to Zen massage, this is the first time I am getting a new body! Young again, supple, flexible… and my Tai Chi practice is the first to get the advantages out of it. I would say that my full body from head to toes and

Cosimo Mendis, August 2010, Italy

“Through a friend I started the sessions with Jelle to work on my shoulder and neck problems. She told me Jelle would be perfect for me to get rid of the severe pains I had been experiencing for many months. With his excellent treatment Jelle has managed to release the pain and relax the muscles

Maria, April 2012, Amsterdam The Netherlands

“For several years already, I am experiencing Jelle’s good work. Because I live in a beautiful but busy city and have a rather laborious job, I have to take care of my body and mind. That’s were Jelle comes in. After a session every cell feels opened, my body flexible and my mind free. All

Marieke van der Heijden, Stylist July 2011, Amsterdam The Netherlands

In my experience there are few people who know how to work a body like Jelle. I have been rolfed and had many different methods of massages in many different countries. The work Jelle does is unique in that it combines many techniques from different methods of bodywork and in addition there is his special

Mrs. P.Z. June 2010, Amsterdam The Netherlands

After a car incident I had several physical problems for many years. Particularly cold, numbness and a lot of pain in my right foot with symptoms of posttraumatic dystrophy. After advice of a good friend of mine; who saw me suffering while continued medical and physiotherapeutic aid did not have any desired effect, I decided

R. Reetraa, June 2008, The Netherlands

“I was introduced to Jelle through a friend, and initially it was curiosity which brought me to him. However, the first ´treatment´ was a true transformational experience: the deep-tissue massage, combined with explaining the psychological link between body and mind, made me feel my body AND mind were getting a First Class energy boost! I

Lideweij Bakker, May 2008, Blaricum The Netherlands

“After a long period of serious lower back problems and a lot of (useless) therapy, I met Jelle. He treated me for some time and has helped me with my back problems. Next to great bodywork/massage treatments, I got a lot of information about how to handle and cure my back problems. After a while,

Dave Rijnen, April 2008, Amsterdam The Netherlands

My whole adult life (37) I had all kinds of physical problems. Mostly in combination with emotional tension related to stressful work. Physical complaints dominated my daily life and through avoiding sports and specific physical movements I managed to lessen my pain. Among other problems, I had lower back pain and tension in my shoulders

Ingrid Foeken, Clinical Psychologist/ licensed Psychotherapist, May 2008, Amsterdam The Netherlands

Jelle has treated me during several episodes in the past 15 years (lower back problems, neck problems). His massage is more than just massage, he helped me to “face the Music “ (working too hard, always busy, never at home; which literally caused me not being able to breath) and helped me to find a

Karin A., May 2008, Amsterdam The Netherlands

“It is 14 years ago now that Jelle Schaegen started treating me for the first time. Because of an untreated broken lumbar vertebra (a fall in 1975) I was suffering from an unbelievable pain in my back. My tennis arm (overburdened but not by tennis) created years of pain; just like my legs and feet

G.B.B. Bussum, June 2008, The Netherlands

“Thanks Jelle for your wonderful treatments. Your bodywork truly makes a difference! I experienced a lot more freedom and relaxation in my body. The way you work is profound and professional. Jelle is passionate about his work. His knowledge and hands know how to set a body free, more than one has ever felt before!”

 CvL, May 2008, Den Haag The Netherlands

“After a hernia operation in 1997, it was in 1998 for the first time, I visited Jelle in Amsterdam. I was suffering from severe pain in my back and there were times that I could hardly walk. Each time Jelle was able to treat me in a way that would enable me to move without

Theo ten Hagen, June 2008, The Netherlands

“Several years ago, I got bad news from my doctor. I had to live with the fact that I had a neck hernia. I have been at several different doctors and specialists, but no one could help me. Until I got treatments from Jelle Schaegen. He treated me every four weeks for 2 hours, with

Jan van de Walle, May 2008, NH The Netherlands

“Hi Jelle, I want to thank you for the good treatments which you gave me during the last 16 years. Since we met in Meerssen I frequently came to your place for treatments and always with success. I find it very annoying that you are living so far away now. Although the last time that

 Henny May 2008, NH The Netherlands

“During the time that Jelle was still living in Holland I was a long-time client of his. By means of his intensive massage he made me more aware of my body and the influence it could exert on my mind. Those sessions were of great value to me. Jelle is no short-term thinker, instead he

L. Slok, May 2008, Hilversum The Netherlands

“In the course of one year I’ve done some 18 sessions with Jelle. Hadn’t he moved to Spain, I’d certainly have continued. I have experienced Jelle, plainly as a very skilled and reliable professional, with great erudition, curiosity and love for the people he works with. Especially his approach to the iliopsoas, shoulders, and hips,

AvW, May 2008, Amsterdam The Netherlands

“When I came to you for the first time, I had that feeling I could not move. Unmovable like a block, physically and psychically. I was willing though, but just could not make a step. Above that I was not able to connect things in my life: work, happiness, health, my spiritual development. I had

 G.R. 52 years, June 2008, The Netherlands.

“You can not always prevent, because of too much work in the office in combination with troubling family circumstances, that you will overload yourself. As result from that I got pain in my shoulders and lower back. A friend of mine told me about Jelle. The first times he treated me would take considerable time,

Nienke Feenstra, June 2008 The Netherlands

“It is a pity that Jelle Schaegen moved to Marbella. Nice for him to be there in a warm sunny climate, but for me it is a loss! For ten years, normally every 6 weeks, I went there. And it helped me a lot. He always gave me good advise. How to walk, move, but

Manja oosterbaan, May 2008, Amsterdam The Netherlands

“Jelle’s bodywork releases a lifetime of tension and blockage. In my experience over several years, each and every time he tunes in respectfully to your needs and takes it from there. Apart from deep and lasting physical relaxation and opening, they can look and work at deeper levels to bring insight and a fresh perspective.

K.J. Donkers, May 2008, Marken The Netherlands

“I met Jelle 2 years ago and he changed my view in how to treat your own body when you’re not feeling good and having pain constantly. For me it was a surprising discovery. I had a lower back pain for more than 10 years. At the end you get used to the pain and

Robert, May 2008, NH The Netherlands