“Jelle is an expert! He knows so much about the body; it’s skeletal structure and the various layers of tissues. He’s very professionally experienced on a technical-physical level but he also understands a great deal about what’s happening within all of us on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. He works sensibly, steadily and thoroughly with great gentleness (though it can be challenging at times ;-)) and empathy. He oversees a greater picture: the total of someone’s body and mind and the way in which it reflects the person’s life as being part of a greater story in general. He has a very clear intuition and that enables him to decide in which areas to work with his clients.

I have been suffering from pelvic instability and vehement pains in my pelvis and lower back for a long time. His working deeply within the fascia helps to release old and long-term built up tensions and blocks that were formed there, gradually allowing me to regain freedom of movement and greater relaxation. In fact, my pains have subdued a whole lot since his work with me. And I am learning a lot about my body and myself. He is a wise and very scarce type of ‘master’-practitioner and I can recommend him whole-heartedly!”