“I met Jelle 2 years ago and he changed my view in how to treat your own body when you’re not feeling good and having pain constantly. For me it was a surprising discovery. I had a lower back pain for more than 10 years. At the end you get used to the pain and it became a part of my daily life. Via mouth to mouth, I heard of Jelle and I thought I give it a try… again. I went to so many specialists and nothing helped so far, so without intentions I visited Jelle.”

“I must say it was an amazing experience. Jelle looked at me and said: I can help you, I know your problem. Of course I was quite reserved in the beginning, but after a few treatments I felt the difference. I had a very tough period and it was sometimes difficult to go to Jelle, but the thought of being cured was too important to let it go. I can do whatever I want now and it feels great. It’s my pleasure to tell this and again Jelle, thanks a million, you saved me!!”