My whole adult life (37) I had all kinds of physical problems. Mostly in combination with emotional tension related to stressful work. Physical complaints dominated my daily life and through avoiding sports and specific physical movements I managed to lessen my pain. Among other problems, I had lower back pain and tension in my shoulders and neck. Seldom I was free of pain. I have visited many of the masseurs living in and around Amsterdam who managed to diminish the pain but only for a short time, mostly 2 or 3 weeks.

“When I met Jelle Schaegen, he told me that possibly within 5 sessions of two hours he could help me to get rid of my pain for a much longer period. I thought: Here we go again, kind of man who overestimates himself and his possibilities. But let’s give him a good try, as I would love to get free of my complaints of course. He explained why my pain had to came back all the time and what he could do to stop this circle of pain. When he did his very special massage techniques, very close to my hip bones and applying deep massage strokes on my buttocks, a method unknown to me until than, I had to bare a certain pain for 2 hours, and it was nearly at the limit of what I could bare.

“Breathing deeply during the massage, I could feel how my body reacted in a positive way to the treatment. And indeed after 5 sessions I was free of pain, which lasts for 2 years now already! My previous pain, did not come back. I do some yoga every week and pay attention to how I walk and sit, which certainly supports the good results Jelle’s treatment gave me. Never the pain stayed away for such a long time and it also feels as if it will not come back. I am very grateful to him and I therefore can recommend his special treatment to everyone with comparable complaints as I have had until 2006.”