When I met Jelle last year my life changed. I had scoliosis, lordosis, two slipped discs L4-L5-S1. A problem with my right hip, problem with my coccyx, so sitting had become unbearable; bursitis on both shoulders that had become rounded. Problem with my neck, very bad migraines and TMJ pain coupled with nerve issues. Sciatica in my right leg. So I was in a lot of pain! I had little quality of life, so hence I suffered depression, anxiety and severe mood swings. All the emotions that come with long term chronic pain.

After working with Jelle, within a year I could walk an hour and 10 mins. I have taken out my insoles which I had worn for 20 years. I can now travel by train in London with much more ease. I can sit for a couple of hours now each day. My migraines have almost stopped and my neuralgia has improved by 70%. I do have 3-4 treatments every time Jelle comes to London and my friends any family have benefited immensely from his treatments too.

Now I can see a bright future without pain. Working with Jelle has been the best investment I have ever made. Every time I see him I get so excited to have his treatments because I know I’m getting better and better. In my 25 years of pain I have tried everything under the sun. I have spent about 25,000 £ to try to manage my pain and finally I found someone who actually could fix it rather than give me temporary pain relief. I shout about Jelle to anyone who has chronic pain. So if you would like to write to me please ask Jelle for my email. I’m happy to help.”