After a car incident I had several physical problems for many years. Particularly cold, numbness and a lot of pain in my right foot with symptoms of posttraumatic dystrophy. After advice of a good friend of mine; who saw me suffering while continued medical and physiotherapeutic aid did not have any desired effect, I decided to visit Jelle for a couple of two hour sessions.

“He discovered major obstacles in the lower part of my back that prevented blood going where it was needed. Though it took more than just a few sessions to eliminate the problems, it caused an excellent circulation of blood and lymph in the lower part of my body and disabled foot. The treatment was rather tough but the result a miracle.

“Nevertheless, I can recommend anyone with physical problems or problems related to physical inflexibility to do it. The nice and cosy atmosphere, alternated with sometimes intense conversations with Jelle, will enrich your live also. Please accept this as an advice for anyone who is willing to listen to his/her own body and especially is interested in his/her own state of well-being.”