“It is 14 years ago now that Jelle Schaegen started treating me for the first time. Because of an untreated broken lumbar vertebra (a fall in 1975) I was suffering from an unbelievable pain in my back. My tennis arm (overburdened but not by tennis) created years of pain; just like my legs and feet have hurt me a lot.
An orthopaedic surgeon wanted to amputate three toes because I had an inflammation in my forefoot and it is only because of Jelle’s tenacity that I still own them. Because of pain continuously moving from one spot to another, I had to shift my weight all the time while trying to escape from it.”

“I visited Jelle’s practice on a regular base until he left for Spain. The first years I would go to him almost every two weeks. Later I could stay away for longer periods of time. The ‘pain’ someone builds up in years, cannot be resolved in just a couple of treatments of course. I am 71 years of age now and was recently playing with my grandson, copying the movements he made, when my son suddenly exclaimed: “Mom, I did not know that you were that flexible.” Well, I am doing fine; but now and then I do miss a ‘large maintenance service’.”