“You can not always prevent, because of too much work in the office in combination with troubling family circumstances, that you will overload yourself. As result from that I got pain in my shoulders and lower back. A friend of mine told me about Jelle. The first times he treated me would take considerable time, untying all the muscles, but it helped me a great lot. Feeling restored physically enabled me to handle more mentally as well.

“So, I almost fell into the trap of doing too much again. However, he also taught me how to walk, sit and breath. That is how I managed, with another session once in a while, to keep my body in good shape.

“During the treatments certain strokes can be very painful. But it is almost miraculous to notice how your movability increases afterwards. Alas, he lives in Spain now and I miss his work, one cannot always avoid becoming tense in some way. But as bad as what befell to me that time, will certainly not happen again because of all the lessons he gave to me as well.”