“Hi Jelle, I want to thank you for the good treatments which you gave me during the last 16 years. Since we met in Meerssen I frequently came to your place for treatments and always with success. I find it very annoying that you are living so far away now. Although the last time that I looked you up in Spain was successful too.

“For weeks already I was suffering from pain in my hip and my thoughts were: Oh my, this is going to become an operation. But you said: let me work on that. You worked for 2 hours, and hard to believe after two days I could walk around again without any little pain.

“I am 71 years and feel great, walked the ‘Van Dam tot Damloop’ and about two weeks ago the ‘Bollentocht Loop’ quite a rough course through the fields lasting 4 hours. Furthermore I play tennis, I play golf and I do aerobics two times a week, which makes me feel completely happy. I continue to think that I owe that to you and how you recommend. You have an incredible knowledge of the body and give very good advice, which I always followed, I have to say though.
Jelle to me you are a wizard and if I am in Spain I will certainly visit you again. Lots of luck and I will continue to think of you.