“Thanks to the bodywork of Jelle Schaegen the unconceiveable has happened: he has (or I have through his work) got rid of severe chronic pain in my right ankle and leg, which was years ago diagnosed as arthrosis and could only be battled by strong painkillers. I also had regularly rather sharp pains in my lower back and left hip. All these pains together made even taking a few steps a very unpleasant chore.

With great assurance Jelle never even looked at the ankle, just worked for a few hours on and in the softer parts of my torso, as in the pictures on his website. Even if the therapy is sometimes painful, the peaceful atmosphere Jelle creates and the breathing advice he gives, make the sessions very congenial. I have had (only) three sessions up to now, but already I can walk normally and do not need any painkillers, as the pains have left me!! Thank you, Jelle”