“Having been told many times that the body is the key and has the answers locked away inside I still tend to favour the mind and its mind games. But on a recent visit to Spain and suffering severe hip pain I encountered Jelle and some doors started to open, I only hope that without him the doors remain open and I can grow and flourish. I wish I could have taken him home in my suitcase!!!.

The way he works is profound and professional. Jelle is passionate about his work. His knowledge and hands know how to set a body free, more than one has ever felt before! I cannot honestly say the treatment was painless but with his help I was able to breathe my way through it and it was really worth a bit of discomfort.

I even trusted him with my darling dog and it worked for her too…….

Jelle, thank you so much for all your help during my visit on the physical and emotional level.”